The Summer Film Festival „Polówka” is the largest film event in Łódź, which has been held continuously since 2008. A line from other outdoor cinemas differs in a coherent and clear artistic profile. In each of the places, throughout the summer, films associated with a given subject, genre or origin are presented.

The ticket from other cultural events is distinguished primarily by the spontaneity and egalitarian approach to the audience.

We estimate that about 30,000 people take part in LFF Polówka every year.

Projections take place every day in city parks and public spaces of the city. All shows are free for viewers. Thanks to Polówce, Łódź was born an alternative way of spending summer evenings outside the home or pub consisting of living with films of the highest artistic value. LFF Polówka has implemented thanks to the support of the City of Lodz Office as well as sponsors and partners.

All information about the current edition of the festival can be found at:


We also encourage you to contact potential partners and sponsors throughout the year.