The School of Music Videos is a unique film education project, in which a group of 36 participants, under the supervision of professional lecturers and art mentors, creates video clips for recognized artists.

At the School of Music Videos, we connect people with similar passions and interests who want to do something together. After a series of lectures and classes, participants in 12-person groups create a music video for one of the proposed songs. Available to you are professional professional equipment, logistic support and budget. The rest must be done by the group under the supervision of an artistic tutor. Scenario, location preparation, actors’ acquisition and a million other things that are necessary for real movie sets. The culmination of the project is the ceremonial premiere of video clips during the Final Gala of the project, when participants can see their work on the big screen.

Classes at the School of Music Videos last for three weekends during which participants take part in lectures led by leading music video creators. So far, we’ve cooperated, among others with: Konrad Aksinowicz, Jarosław Szoda, Anna Maliszewska, Olga Czyżykiewicz or the late Yacha Paszkiewicz.

The artists we collaborate with represent different musical styles and genres. Music videos for Bovska, Vień, Bedoes, Sound’n’Grace, Sonar, Pablo Pavo, Kamil Bednarek and many others were created as part of the School of Music Videos. Music videos are recognized by the artists as official, thanks to which their viewership counts in hundreds of thousands, and sometimes millions.

The project is carried out every year, thanks to the support of the Capital City of Warsaw. In total, over 20 video clips were created.

In addition, participants take part in screenwriting workshops conducted by Agnieszka Kruk from Story Lab and lectures on film production conducted by Alicja Jagodzińska.

The role of artistic supervisors is played by directors and recognized as creators of music videos. We have worked, inter alia, with:

Maciej Michalski, Agnieszka Gomułka, Roman Przylipiak, and Filip Załuska.


  • Lao Che – Savior Diesel – (script category and Yach Audience)
  • Nosowska – Unisex Blues – (other energy categories)


  • Kamil Bednarek – World of Lack of Care – (other energy categories)


  • Bovska – Click – (plastic category arrangement)
  • Vienio feat. Siwers – The light in the Tunnel – (category of acting creation)


  • Sorry Boys – The city of Chopin – (other energy)
  • Solar/Białas – Sockets – (category: script and actor’s creation)

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